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Make your dream of publishing your book a reality! Lucid Style's comprehensive services can simplify the process for you, whether you've published before, have just finished writing, or you've only got the basic concept.

Are you a Masters or Doctoral candidate? Lucid Style can help you with editing, and help you to satisfy the requirements of your graduate school.

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Jean A. Turman is an synergist in the art and science of language, having studied these aspects of the world's languages throughout her life. She was inspired by the intricate differences among languages and cultures as she earned her bachelor's degree in French and her master's degree in linguistics. Jean has been a professional editor for over a dozen years. She has edited numerous books for various publishers and self-publishing authors, and has also assisted a considerable clientele of students in finalizing their masters and Ph.D. dissertations. Through Lucid Style, Jean has been able to collaborate with a number of independent authors as they achieve their dream of publishing.


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Lucid Style brings forth ideas within a menagerie of genres, presented in new and refreshing imagery. Our finished products are a culmination of a lifetime of experiences in the minds of our authors and illustrators. Be a part of Lucid Style's collection of masterpieces—because we venture to bring the creations of our talents into the hands of our readers.

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